We're a team of passionate christians using technology to win souls.

At Asoriba, we believe what we do is a calling and not just a business. We exist as your ministry's technology partner and we're dedicated to the success and growth of your church.


Asoriba's vision is to ultimately win more souls by using technology as a tool. We empower you with technological tools to effectively engage with your congregation, increase member size and seamlessly manage your church.


Enable churches to effectively minister to their flocks. Help members easily engage with their church leaders. Assist the church in utilizing technology to grow and develop. Leverage the social power of the internet to create closer and more unified Christian communities

The leadership.

We are four christian co-founders with a passion to see the church
thrive in this century


A son of a pastor, Saviour believes in simplifying life for everyone through the application of knowledge and high technical acumen. His user interface designs are always simple & user friendly.Saviour is a passionate software developer and a certified Network Engineer.


A son of a pastor and also a pastor in training, Nana is a team player,software developer and a machine systems (Agric Eng.) graduate who has started companies in software and agric engineering. He spends most part of his time on sales, market research, financial modelling, strategy, front-end design & team building.


Patrick has been developing software for large organizations since his college days. He heads the entire Technology Unit of Asoriba. Having a strong Mathematics and programming background, Patrick brings onboard high expertise in building scalable and robust applications. He built the core API of the entire Asoriba system.


Jesse is software developer, writer and photographer. He's a fan of open source technologies like Python and Javascript. He loves to develop for mobile and for the web and takes delight in solving organizational problems with technology. Jesse is currently the Chief Product Officer for mobile products

And the creatives.

Each member of the team brings to the table diverse skills and technical acumen that is sure to bring you the next generation church technology.