Simple, integrated church management solution.


Church Administration

Web based church management software, integrated mobile application for members, multiple branch integration.

Mobile Communication

Send devotionals, audio & video content,
event notifications and interact with church groups/cells in multiple ways.

Data Management

Member and event management, branch integration and financial management via SMS, Email and mobile notifications.

How can we help your church?

We are your ministry's software partner, enabling you to manage your church administration and membership seamlessly.

Church Management Software (Web)

Web application for administrators captures detailed church member information, leader and church operations allowing for effective engagement.

Seamless Communication via Mobile App

Church members can receive devotionals, sermons, event notices, other relevant information and send prayer requests through the asoriba app.

Simple and Convenient Online Giving

Members can give tithes, offerings & pledges to the church at their own convenience, anytime, anywhere. And the church can easily send out nice reminders.



Discover the great benefits of our cloud based management software, its accompanying mobile app & online giving tool.


Capture deep member data and receive notifications about special dates like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Record family relationships, work, education and any other information you find relevant. View tithes, contributions, prayer request history, groups joined and attendance frequency of a member. Seamlessly transfer a member to another branch of your church and communicate via our asoriba mobile app.


Communication module allows you to quickly and affordably share content (video, audio and text) with your entire congregation and beyond. Members are notified via SMS, email & push notifications on asoriba mobile app. This allows those who have either feature or smart phones or a computer to easily stay in touch.


General Ledgers, Account Receivables and Account Payables, inflows and outflows, monitor tithes, offerings & pledges. Generate reports and send pledge reminders. Collect welfare dues and keep track of it..


Integrate all your church branches with a single click of a button and manage them remotely. Asoriba makes available all the features enjoyed by the main church or headquarters available to the branch church, including a mobile app. However, major church settings are restricted from branch administrators..


Monitor church growth and members frequency and punctuality to church via our attendance monitoring tool. The three modules we provide are the usual attendance headcount analytics, Individual check-in via the special NFC devices and tags we provide and the USSD attendance check-in.

Mobile App

The asoriba mobile app enables members to receive devotionals, audio & video content, event notifications and announcements from the church or their groups/ministries . This methods saves both the church and the member time and money, by bringing information to thier mobile phones.

Our clients.

No matter your size or ministry's needs, we provide well-tailored solutions to suit you.

Join the likes of...

"Asoriba is a fantastic tool with great features that any forward looking Christian organization will find tremendously resourceful."

Rev. Osei-Kusi
Accra - Ghana

"Asoriba has come to solve many challenges that occur in administration on the branch side of leadership. Now with a click of a button, we can see and be up-to-date with every information we need."

Rev. Felix Parker-Benin
Shepherds Field Chapel - Ghana

"I see Asoriba as a ground breaking service that brings multiple solutions through one platform. It is very ideal and I can see a lot of churches happily using the service. I particularly like the intuitiveness of the site making it very user friendly."

Rev. David Otoo
Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church - England

Join 1,000+ churches and transform your ministry.

Free for churches with 50 members and below. A great opportunity to try out and grow with Asoriba.

Free mobile app to widen your reach, stay engaged with members and recieve donations digitally.

24-hour customer support and a dedicated client success manager at your disposal.

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Your church on your phone.

Church should go beyond the typical Sunday service. Asoriba puts your entire church experience in your hands everyday and everywhere.

Make Christian Friends
across the world.

Stay connected with the body of Christ even when you're constantly on the move, make great friends, turn on notifications to receive announcements from your cells/groups and leaders in real time.

Get devotionals
promptly on your phone

Devotions for your daily inspiration is sent by your church and friends, and allows you to have deep
and focused scriptural discussions via
our commenting feature.

Pay your tithes
and offerings conveniently.

Contribute to the church's progress and development, both spiritually and financially no matter where you are. You are notified in real time once the church receives your contribution.

Be social,
share and communicate.

Join groups/cells in your church, communicate, share and stay connected to the family,
which is critical for your spiritual growth
as a child of God.

Download our mobile app now.

Church doesn't have to only be on Sundays!

Bridge the gap between your church members and administration; connecting to your church members while saving time and money on church administration. You leave no church members behind with a more engaged church!